reciprocal commitment

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We reaffirmed America's commitment to South Korea and their reciprocal commitment to us.
Looking to show sceptical pro-Brexit allies that she has secured something in five months of negotiation that seem set to end with London broadly accepting the EU's original terms, May has insisted that Brussels make a simultaneous and reciprocal commitment to transition and trade talks if she accepts a deal.
The final Investors in People assessment for Dylan's recognised excellence in the way business is structured, commitment from the management team and the reciprocal commitment from team members.
Worse than that, they're being unbelievably irresponsible and unfair in asking the salespeople to commit to the success of their business without a reciprocal commitment to the success of the salesperson.
HiPos value recognition - but only one in nine organisations tell these individuals they're HiPo and just 11 per cent of businesses ask their HiPos to make a reciprocal commitment to the copany in return for the investment in their careers.
Article 10 of the EU directive (law) on the taxation of income earned on savings states that they will have to switch from withholding at the source - under which their banking secrecy is safeguarded - to automatic information exchange if the Union and Switzerland seal a deal that entails a reciprocal commitment to apply "OECD standards" on information exchange on request, which are much stricter.
The US compelled the Palestinians to accept the new "condition" and without any reciprocal commitment from Israel, the PLO convened in December 1998 the Palestine National Council in Gaza under the tutelage of US President Bill Clinton, rescinding the charter.
In actuality, true collective security does not differentiate between "us" and "others"; rather, it implies a universal and reciprocal commitment against any entity that would jeopardize the common integrity of nations.
Governmental interference can only unsettle borrowers' reciprocal commitment to the bank, which has been demonstrated by their extraordinary rates of loan repayment, their ownership of the bank's equity, their depositing some $800 million in the bank (two-thirds of Grameen's total) and their highly successful management of its board and mission.
Kaplan stressed the reciprocal commitment of Morocco and the USA to counter terrorism, expressing satisfaction with relations between his country and the kingdom, which is annually visited by 100 thousand Americans.
Our philosophy has always been about reciprocal commitment.
Based upon the social exchange view, we propose that reciprocal commitment, trust, and mutual influence between partners are positively related to alliance outcomes.