reciprocal concession

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Of course, for anyone who'd followed the case of the Cuban Five, the expectation was that some reciprocal concession would be made by the U.
It is possible the Kremlin will be seeking a reciprocal concession from the White House when Medvedev meets Obama on the sidelines of a Group of 20 summit in London on April 2.
Walsh said: "Now that the government has given some very generous concessions on tax, we want a reciprocal concession from the bookmakers.
Greece says it will not back such an EU concession to Turkey unless it wins a similar reciprocal concession itself.
French finance minister, Michel Sapin, said, 'There will be no passport, or that would have to be negotiated against a lot of reciprocal concessions.
Asked by Reuters what would happen in case of a Brexit after the June 23 referendum, French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said: "There will be no passport, or that would have to be negotiated against a lot of reciprocal concessions.
Cheikh Ahmad called on all parties to offer reciprocal concessions, put aside their differences and put the country's interests above anything else.
He wants to bypass Pakistan within SAARC and create conditions that Pakistan softens its stance on core issues like Kashmir and provision of trade openings to India towards West and Central Asia without any reciprocal concessions.
Although aid is often given on an unrequited basis, most countries insist on reciprocal concessions in trade.
Reciprocal concessions will be required, this is the main principle of any negotiation process.
Neither European, nor Persian Gulf leaders led by Saudi Arabia have been let in on the scale of reciprocal concessions approved by Obama and Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
They did not appreciate that in the WTO context, the trading of reciprocal concessions ensured that a fundamentally mercantilist approach was taken to trade negotiations by the negotiating parties.