reciprocal exchange

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The VSB panel also urged the reciprocal exchange of witness lists by defense counsel and prosecutors and recommended that defense counsel provide expert witness information, as now required of prosecutors.
The young entrepreneurs will be able to build and strengthen relations with the world online community through reciprocal exchange of resources and services for the mutual benefit.
This Article introduces the reciprocal exchange, a type of insurance company that operates without any meaningful use of a legal entity.
Fadlo Khuri confirmed Tuesday that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with the provost of Trinity College Dublin, Patrick Prendergast, to establish a reciprocal exchange program between the institutions.
The Universal Postal Union (UPU) was founded in 1874 in Berne, Switzerland, with the main goal of establishing a single postal territory for the reciprocal exchange of letter-post items and adopting common principles for the international postal service in a non-discriminatory manner.
Under the document, an equal and reciprocal exchange of information needed for the prevention and investigation of serious crime cases will be secured between law enforcement institutions of the two countries.
But the church has also learned that its outreach to the "periphery"--to nations in Africa and other states within the so-called developing world--is not a one-way transaction but a reciprocal exchange, built on listening and relationship.
A plan is to create a reciprocal exchange programme for young coaches from Wales and Kenya.
The second is a more open discussion around motivations for charitable giving, its role in the social and religious world of early modern, or indeed any, society, and particularly the nature of the reciprocal exchange between giver and recipient.
Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange, a property and casualty insurer of high net worth individuals and families, announced that it has partnered with security firm Concentric Advisors to offer CyberSafe Solutions, first-of-its-kind services and insurance designed to help individuals better assess, prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.
For international destinations, PhilPost has partnered with Universal Postal Union and entered into 45 bilateral agreements with 45 countries for the reciprocal exchange of express mail service items, Luis Carleen of PhilPost marketing and management support said.
Kazakhstan will supply 400 million kWh of electricity on reciprocal exchange terms, this measure will enable Kyrgyzstan to accumulate water.