reciprocal trade

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The protocols with Japan and Spain will provide certainty to Americans conducting business abroad and promote free, fair, and reciprocal trade. These protocols are the first such updates to tax treaties in nearly 10 years.
The leaders acknowledged the importance of free, fair, and reciprocal trade and discussed opportunities for deepening our trading relationship in the future based on mutual respect for these principles.
WASHINGTON -- US President Donald Trump is "determined as ever" to have "fair and reciprocal trade with China," US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says.
Trump also recalled that the US and Morocco promoted fair and reciprocal trade ties.
Speaking at the National workshop on SADC EPA Safeguards, deputy permanent secretary responsible for Trade, Ms Ontlametse Ward pointed out that EPA was a reciprocal trade agreement under the umbrella of the Cotonou Agreement, in which all parties commit to trade liberalisation and through it SADC EPA countries could exempt sensitive products from liberalisation so as to take account of their level of development.
A report issued by the UAE Ministry of Economy (MoE) on the World Trade Organization's (WTO) Trade Policy Review of the US shows that despite shifts in the US trade policy towards increasing protectionism across multiple sectors, the US remains committed to working with all WTO members in maintaining fair and reciprocal trade partnerships.
At a White House event on the Reciprocal Trade Act on Thursday, Trump flashed out a green colour board that had examples of non-reciprocal tariffs from various countries.
Supporting the most favorable conditions for reciprocal trade, Kyrgyzstan stands for further reduction of protective measures and removal of unnecessary obstacles in trade," Muhamedkaliy Abilgaziyev said.
The letter to Congress said Washington would aim to address tariff and non-tariff barriers and achieve "free, fair and reciprocal trade" with the United Kingdom.
He hailed the deep-rooted relations between the sultanate and France and said there are many opportunities for businessmen and businesswomen from both sides to develop reciprocal trade and investment.
The Taiwan representative office said that the trade delegation went forward with a strong message that Taiwan values its reciprocal trade and economic relations with the United States, in a statement.
He also affirmed that the People's Republic of China is ready to exert joint efforts with the Sultanate based on mutual respect and joint development to promote peace in the world and enhance reciprocal trade to enable the Chinese-Omani strategic relations achieve more, Oman News Agency (ONA) reported.