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stroke 5HHE-VL reciprocating compressors will incorporate similar configurations to units that have been supplied to the customer in the past.
Siemens' Dresser-Rand process reciprocating compressors are available with up to 10 crank throws, as single-throw or balanced-opposed configurations.
Fourteen saw blades, comprising eight hacksaw and six reciprocating blades, were chosen to represent a variety of saw characteristics.
However the flexibility of operation outweighs the efficiency factor and makes the reciprocating Rankine cycle more practical.
Early compressors were huge, slow-speed horizontal integral reciprocating gas engine compressors.
Consequently, the process times required to achieve a lethality of 10 minutes were reduced from 45 minutes in the static mode to a range of 17 minutes to 24 minutes in the reciprocating mode.
"50.1 percent electrical efficiency is another technology breakthrough in the reciprocating engines innovation.
The major benefit of the reciprocating pump is that it produces a fixed volume of fluid displacement at a given speed and provides a constant flow, regardless of pressure.
International Resource News-January 21, 2014--Cameron sells Reciprocating Compression business to GE
This article discusses typical part-load efficiency characteristics for screw and reciprocating compressors commonly found in built-up industrial refrigeration systems.
Summary: Cheryl Cole has admitted to reciprocating Katy Perry's girl crush on her.
The haul of tools included a Stihl saw, 24v HILTI reciprocating saw, 24v HILTI core drill, corded HILTI reciprocating saw and 24v HILTI electric planer.