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Consequently, the process times required to achieve a lethality of 10 minutes were reduced from 45 minutes in the static mode to a range of 17 minutes to 24 minutes in the reciprocating mode.
61-i/5 for reciprocating instrument air compressor in sgp.
GE's Distributed Power business is comprised of several reciprocating engine and aeroderivative gas turbine product lines, including its multi-fuel gas engine technologies and a growing suite of diesel engine-generators for stationary power generation.
Injection unit: Hydraulic and vertical reciprocating screw Injection capacity: 0.
The results provide a comparison between fretting and reciprocating sliding situation.
A reciprocating screw can't stroke more than 4-5 times its diameter.
Or you can burn the coal in a reciprocating steam engine, a steam turbine or a gas turbine and mount that in place of the diesel.
Reciprocating Pumps: A reciprocating pump uses a piston driven by a crankshaft or a diaphragm to deliver fluids using high pressure.
Demonstrating once again its leadership in the field of reciprocating engine innovation used to meet the rapidly growing demand for reliable on-site power, GE Power & Water s Distributed Power business is announcing today the technological breakthrough of 50.
Injection unit: Vertical, pneumatic reciprocating screw
Cameron Compression Systems says a well-trained staff, educated in the fundamental operation and maintenance of reciprocating compression equipment, is one of your best tools for improving performance, minimizing downtime, reducing overall operating costs and having a safer operation.