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The overall heat transfer coefficient was also higher during reciprocation, compared to the conventional mode, indicating a higher heat transfer.
He said the war against terrorism had greatly damaged the infrastructure in the tribal belt and with the donors support they were now able to undertake reconstruction and development measures for giving back up to the tribal population in reciprocation to their sacrifices side by side with the Pakistan Army and other security forces.
The prince said he has launched Nami as a reciprocation to the assistance he had received earlier.
Banumathi, asked Bhushan if there was any link between the favours granted by the bureaucrats and politicians to the group and reciprocation of the same.
The media delegation said that the helping hand offered by the UAE to Egypt is merely a reciprocation of the favour, as Egypt had long supported the UAE in its march in various fields, particularly health and education.
In normal circumstances being placed on the forfeit list would automatically result in the individual becoming a disqualified person under an agreement between signatories to the International Federation of Horseracing Authorities, but as with Cosgrave last month, the BHA disciplinary panel upheld De Sousa's application for clemency after receiving a letter from the ERA stating it "does not seek reciprocation of the subsequent disqualification of Mr De Sousa".
But in a recent letter to the British Horseracing Authority, the ERA stated that it "does not seek reciprocation of the subsequent disqualification of Mr De Sousa.
Of all the causes which have operated to the good of our schools this past year, none have been more productive of beneficial results than the mutual reciprocation of good feelings between teachers and scholars, which is ever productive to a good school.
You have frequently posted and even shared your contacts' content with little or no engagement or reciprocation.
You have made it clear this infatuation is one-sided and there is no hint of reciprocation from the object of your affections.
One more respondent said that exploring each others' physical desires with respect and reciprocation is sexual satisfaction, whereas some women even like to be thrilled physically, emotionally and even spiritually, and there needs to be a connection of the souls.
When we sing "Justice, liberty and prosperity shall forever more reign," surviving victims of rebellions will not understand because there has not been remedial strategy reciprocation in their favor".