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We find that it is safe to assume that each subject in our sample belongs to one type, with mixing proportions approximately equal to 45%, 30%, and 25% for best response, reciprocator, and opportunistic types, respectively.
Collateral tax sanctions thus can provide reciprocator taxpayers with specific examples of the government's tax enforcement successes, whereas the use of monetary tax penalties results in anonymous and therefore much less memorable tax-enforcement statistics.
The SSOE team based the following comparisons on two liquefier types, a turbo expander and a reciprocator, that have maximum production rates of 70 liters of liquid helium/hr.
So bottom line here, if you're serious--shoot the reciprocator or the wheelie of your choice, but think and practice the process though, where, when, what, how.
An emotional and moral reciprocator wants to understand herself and be understood by others as fair, but she loathes being taken advantage of.
reciprocator -- awareness of other parts of the system as intellectual entities capable of reciprocal awareness;
In addition, however, because the game may continue only if debts are eventually paid -- that is, for each actor it is necessary to keep exchange items circulating -- an expectation that more will be received than was given (or, at least, that discounting effects will be ameliorated) may provide a powerful incentive to be patient when dealing wit h a tardy reciprocator.
2] suspension and the polypropylene tube was shaken on the reciprocator for a further 1 h before a second pH measurement was taken.
If everyone keeps to the agreement, then no further reaction is needed by someone who is a reciprocator.
Most models still use a standard choke for cold starting, but the Olympyk 400B utilizes a positive primer, while the RedMax Reciprocator and Homelite ST-385 feature both a primer and a choke.
32 m/s, respectively) than when the reciprocator was disengaged (0.
Also on display at the SCM booth, the new Elmag Compact spray finishing line has a single reciprocator with double arms sliding on high precision guides.