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Reciprocators, who hold back to determine the chances of a project's success before devoting their full energy
32 m/s, respectively) than when the reciprocator was disengaged (0.
Also on display at the SCM booth, the new Elmag Compact spray finishing line has a single reciprocator with double arms sliding on high precision guides.
The machine then extracted the casting from the die, and an auxiliary axis servo spray reciprocator then simulated spraying die lubricant into the die.
The 410 reciprocator or ABB robot can be customized with a manifold designed to incorporate one of the many Rimrock nozzles.
Several automatic machines are used for this process, including reciprocator (horizontal and vertical), rotary, carousel, and robotic spray machines.
The guns are reportedly ideal for robotic, reciprocator, rotary and hand use applications.
See generally Fehr & Gintis, supra note 15 (arguing that neither the model of humans as purely economically or socially motivated explains human behavior, and that instead society consists of a heterogeneous mix of strong reciprocators and self-interested individuals).
Similarly, Currie separates all women into four categories: ' Reciprocators ' (those women who let men know fairly quickly and straightforwardly that they share the same attraction and interest in dating as the men who approached them); ' Rejecters ' (women who very candidly let men know that they have no interest in sharing their company in a romantic or sexual manner); ' Pretenders ' (women who present a facade of being very conservative and prudish, but behind closed doors, they will discreetly engage in non-monogamous casual sex); and ' Timewasters ' (women who will purposely string a man along and engage in what Currie refers to as 'manipulative head games' in order take advantage of a man for self-serving reasons).
Nonreciprocators are not likely to be tolerated in a band of reciprocators.
Scavenger hunt - first place: Elm Hill Gang, consisting of Robert Wilson, Jan Wilson, Alina Czajka, Tiffany Doherty, and Nikolas Czajka; second place: Two Old Hens & a Baby Chick, consisting of Barbara Wilson, Maddie Swanson and Delaney Giguere; third place, Clancy Team, consisting of Barbara Clancy, Bill Clancy, Jeanie Clancy, Sandy Clancy and Samantha Clancy; fourth place: The ReCiprocators, consisting of Jennifer Cipro, Christopher Cipro, Spencer Cipro, and Sumner Cipro.
Bardsley and Moffatt (2007) use data from a unique variation on the VCM to estimate a mixture model to distinguish altruists from reciprocators.