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n. mutual exchange of privileges between states, nations, businesses or individuals. In regard to lawyers, reciprocity refers to recognizing the license of an attorney from another state without the necessity of taking the local state's bar examination. Such reciprocity is seldom granted now, since many large states refuse to give it.

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RECIPROCITY. Mutuality; state, quality or character of that which is reciprocal.
     2. The states of the Union are bound to many acts of reciprocity. The constitution requires that they shall deliver to each other fugitives from justice; that the records of one state, properly authenticated, shall have full credit in the other states; that the citizens of one state shall be citizens of any state into which they may remove. In some of the states, as in Pennsylvania, the rule with regard to the effect of a discharge under the insolvent laws of another state, are reciprocated; the discharges of those courts which respect the discharges of the courts of Pennsylvania, are respected in that state.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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According to the US government, citizens of some countries across the world are currently required to pay the reciprocity fee after their non-immigrant visa application has been approved.
The reciprocity fee cannot be paid at banks or any other location,' the statement read in part.
To find out if reciprocity takes place under shared contingencies irrespective of valuables, it is necessary to consider the outcomes of responding in the situation (e.g., Bolton & Ockenfels, 2000; Fehr & Schmidt, 1999).
We find that gentle rules backfire (reducing trust reciprocity and economic welfare) and that increasingly restrictive rules have differential effects on trust, reciprocity, investment, and economic efficiency.
It makes zero sense and is anathema to the Bar's stated reasons for rejecting reciprocity, i.e., protecting Floridians from unqualified lawyers.
Similarly, TECO has appealed to the Philippine government to extend the visa-free reciprocity to Taiwanese nationals visiting the country.
I urge my congressman, Peter Roskam, and others in the Illinois delegation to vote no on any bill containing Concealed Carry Reciprocity. Protect Illinois residents and Illinois common sense permitting standards oppose HR38, Concealed Carry Reciprocity.
And this commitment we make with no conditions for reciprocity but driven by our desire for deeper regional integration," he further stressed.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 23 November 2017: Sharm El-Sheikh airport authorities banned on Thursday German diplomat Christopher Jones, who works for his country's embassy in Israel, from entering the country in accordance with the principle of reciprocity. The diplomat arrived from Germany with his family using a diplomatic passport, but without a pre-entry visa, for tourism purposes.
researchers has found that solidarity of philanthropism and reciprocity is necessary to maintain cooperative societies.
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