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In this respect, the court concludes that, under the Spanish procedural system, "a consumer who brings proceedings seeking solely recission of the contract for the sale of goods is definitively deprived of the possibility of benefitting from the right to seek an appropriate reduction in the price of those goods in the event that the court dealing with the dispute should find that, in fact, the lack of conformity in those goods is minor".
Was the insurer (who at the time avoided the policy in good faith) allowed to maintain the recission after the true facts came to light: does the principle of good faith apply equally to the insurer?
(88.) See Guemple, supra note 51, at 10, 14-15, 24 (noting that once a child had been given in adoption, revocation or recission was normally not available, even where the child was ill-treated).
Although courts were reluctant to grant recission of insurance policies in the past, that no longer seems to be the case.
The moratorium (which lasted about one year) and a recission of $1.5 million in listing funds resulted in a serious backlog of species proposed for listing.
714 (1986), the Court invalidated the legislative veto and the automatic recission device of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings law because they unconstitutionally vested executive functions outside the executive branch.
* In enforcing contracts, the plaintiff may elect either recission of the contract or the necessary compliance with the terms of the contract, in addition to damages.
Now, if the administration does not wish to implement programs and spend funds as Congress has legislated, it must submit to Congress a request for recission of those items it desires to have canceled.
Owners have smartened up and few donors now enter into donation contracts without a strong recission clause.
The agency was targeted for elimination by congressional leaders, its budget was the object of recission attempts, and agency officials proposed a radical reinvention to alter housing programs and the delivery system for federal housing assistance.
Ferguson has threatened [Polar Express] with a recission lawsuit and interfered with employee relationships and the planned initial public offering so as to threaten the company's viability through an extortionate campaign of harassment, innuendo, bad faith communication with customers, vendors, employees and others vital to the [company's] long-term survival," Polar's suit states.
Under Shari'a law, women may inherit from their fathers, and pass this inheritance on to their children, even if they are married.(264) The inheritable estate is sufficiently broad to encompass any rights to compensation for, or retrieval of, real and movable property, monies due to the deceased but not collected at the time of death, rights in rem, and certain rights of recission of contracts.(265) UNRWA refugee status therefore does not follow the Shari'a law of inheritance.