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In this respect, the court concludes that, under the Spanish procedural system, "a consumer who brings proceedings seeking solely recission of the contract for the sale of goods is definitively deprived of the possibility of benefitting from the right to seek an appropriate reduction in the price of those goods in the event that the court dealing with the dispute should find that, in fact, the lack of conformity in those goods is minor".
Recission of a contract is the only remedy referred to by statute or provided for at common law.
Although courts were reluctant to grant recission of insurance policies in the past, that no longer seems to be the case.
In enforcing contracts, the plaintiff may elect either recission of the contract or the necessary compliance with the terms of the contract, in addition to damages.
Now, if the administration does not wish to implement programs and spend funds as Congress has legislated, it must submit to Congress a request for recission of those items it desires to have canceled.
Owners have smartened up and few donors now enter into donation contracts without a strong recission clause.
1158, the Fiscal 1995 Appropriations Recission Act, cut $1.
Ferguson has threatened [Polar Express] with a recission lawsuit and interfered with employee relationships and the planned initial public offering so as to threaten the company's viability through an extortionate campaign of harassment, innuendo, bad faith communication with customers, vendors, employees and others vital to the [company's] long-term survival," Polar's suit states.
264) The inheritable estate is sufficiently broad to encompass any rights to compensation for, or retrieval of, real and movable property, monies due to the deceased but not collected at the time of death, rights in rem, and certain rights of recission of contracts.
Two prospective purchasers of Trump Palace apartments are seeking recission by the State Supreme Court of contracts to purchase three units in the luxury condominium.
The resulting bipartisan furor forced Drake to rescind his earlier recission.
Specifically, post-claims underwriting and the recission of long term care contracts after a contestability period ends are practices that regulators and consumer advocates are challenging as being potentially abusive.