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She spoiled Peter's sermon last summer and now she's spoiled your recitation," said Felicity.
That it was a jest there was no doubt whatever; he knew that well enough, and had good reason, too, for his conviction; for during her recitation of the ballad Aglaya had deliberately changed the letters A.
General Epanchin only knew that there was a recitation of verses going on, and took no further interest in the matter.
Specifically it reviews the results of classroom experience where students encounter Islam through oral recitations of the Qur'an in Arabic.
The culminating event of the unit is a day of student recitations in Arabic.
As I was considering whether to use Approaching the Qur'an in my course and how I might make use of the Arabic recitations on the CD, I was reminded that much of the Muslim world does not speak Arabic.
Qur'anic recitation is governed by complex rules which over time have become part of the Qur'anic sciences.
As the deadline for recitation draws near and anxiety heightens, most students surround themselves with the sound of the sura so that the pronunciations, meters, pauses, and inflections become second nature.
We talk about the place of Qur'anic sound in everyday life, about its centrality to devotional practices, about the tremendous skills, education, and status that a reciter possesses, and about the gendered aspects of recitation, both social and linguistic.
They also learn about the complex rules of Qur'anic recitation, and about the place of the Qur'an in everyday life.