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Third, there is an obvious difference of opinion between the two authorities as to the nature of the requirement to recite birkhat ha-gomel.
You have a captive audience with your student body and requiring them to recite or adhere to anything that might have some conflict with their faith or other values could be a problem," he said.
Jed Woodhouse, director for IT at Northumbria University, said: "We're very pleased to be working with Ross and his team on the implementation of Recite.
In order for the six poets to be able to recite their poems, the fates of the five poets from last week had to be decided.
Similarly, the court has said it is an improper establishment of religion to have a clergy member recite a prayer at a public school graduation or for a student to say a prayer before a high school football game.
They can recite the creed by heart, we might say, but they haven't taken the journey of faith.
Recite enables websites to be more suitable to dyslexic or visually impaired users, and can be integrated by adding a single line of code.
New Delhi, Jun 27 (ANI): A 9-year-old Chinese boy with the ability to recite more than 100 bus routes in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, has become quite a celebrity.