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She recited her little piece very well, though somewhat mechanically.
Felicity followed her and recited her selection without haste, without rest, and absolutely without any expression whatever.
The only time she had recited it had been at the "dress rehearsal" two nights before, at which Sara Ray had not been present.
And was he modestly desirous of hearing it recited, without showing himself?
At the age of five the boy recited, with fine effect, passages of English poetry to the visitors at the Allan house.
The humorous poem was admirably recited, and the speaker much applauded.
He claimed that if Hanuman Chalisa is recited in every village for one hour then natural disaster can be dealt with.
ISLAMABAD -- Religious scholars on Wednesday passed a fatwa that the azaan can be recited to newborns before they have been bathed.
the one recited when the Imam and the praying Muslims stand up to perform second Rak'ah).
Iqbal Pirzada a chest physician who recited his Kalam and received tremendous applause from the audience.
Jaro Bishop Gerardo Alminaza recorded the prayer in Hiligaynon while Masbate Bishop Jose Bantolo recited the prayer in Masbateno.
Contrary to assertions made earlier by the police and the French pressand repeated by me, hereit appears that Halimi's murderer did target his victim because of her Jewishness, and recited verses of the Quran both before and after he killed her.