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and thus this type of reciter cannot rely on firm knowledge of the Arabic language (la ya'tamidu 'ala 'ilm al-'arabiyya), or on a sound knowledge of the meanings; his reliance depends on his memory and on things heard (i'timaduhu 'ala hifzihi wa sama'ihi).
Some famous naats by noted poet and reciter Azam Chishty were also presented.
The daughter of Quranic reciter Mahmud Khalil al-Husary told Al Arabiya her late father knew Obama's father Hussein Obama, and had given him a tape recording of his recitation when they met on one of the reciter's trips to Africa.
The reciter, for this performance Holmfirth-based Barry Russell, converses with them - it's a great opportunity for Barry to let his vocal chords run riot .
We talk about the place of Qur'anic sound in everyday life, about its centrality to devotional practices, about the tremendous skills, education, and status that a reciter possesses, and about the gendered aspects of recitation, both social and linguistic.
Learning to play the violin at PS 133 in New York City while attending Hebrew school, Stein took the first stop in his journey to becoming a cantor - the reciter and chanter-singer of Jewish liturgy in a synagogue.
She demonstrates convincingly that parodic effect in both ecclesiastical and troubadour material depends on context, which may involve the intention of the reciter as much as that of the author.
contains]]an's excellence, not only in its entirety but also of specific chapters and verses, such as al-Fatiha and al-Baqara, and the last two verses of al-Baqara, recitation of which earns great recompense for the reciter.
He suggests that the play would lend itself best to a medieval staging, with a single reciter and the other actors miming the play's action.
Musicians, dervishes, the Shaikh of the Ceremony, the Qur'an reciter, and the Master of Dance process slowly onto the stage and, after a long improvisational flute solo, do four movements (selams) of spinning.
His very presence in our formulational environment, his qualities as a man, his wry humor, his professional-level talent as a reciter of poetry, his amazing memory which enabled him to sing (rather terribly) all of the verses of "Ivan Skavinsky Skavar," reams of Gilbert and Sullivan, a correct version of "Old Man River" and enabled him to correct my misquotings of Shakespeare, his ability to concoct the best gin and tonic (with lime) I have had in my not-so-short life - on a most personal level, these are the aspects of Stuart Mayper that I and his many other friends will miss until our own very personal coagulations.
10); the pansori or singing (reciting) of a drama by the chang or reciter (p.