reckless expenditure

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Such are his jealousy and hatred of me, that if he knew his daughter had opened her heart to me, he would render her life miserable with his reproaches; although--this is the inconsistency and selfishness of his character--although if he knew that every penny she had came from me, he would not relinquish one personal desire that the most reckless expenditure of her scanty stock could gratify.'
The labour of digging and watering, the anxious zeal with which I pounced on weeds, the poring over gardening books, the plans made as I sat on the little seat in the middle gazing admiringly and with the eye of faith on the trim surface so soon to be gemmed with a thousand flowers, the reckless expenditure of pfennings, the humiliation of my position in regard to Fraulein Wundermacher,--all, all had been in vain.
Pakistan is facing a vicious debt crisis which has multiplied because of expanding population and stagnant revenue collection due to massive income tax evasion, coupled with reckless expenditure and ease with which foreign exchange is being transferred abroad.
Mr Bakht, a former Citibanker, blames reckless expenditure by the PML-N administration on popular glamorous schemes like metro train in Lahore and LNG-based projects which, without achieving financial closure, had led provincial debt stock to rise by 24pc to Rs693bn last year.
The reckless expenditure resulted in a fiscal deficit close to 7 percent of GDP.
Umar said that reckless expenditure resulted in a fiscal deficit of close to 7% of Gross Domestic Product and an incredibly expansionist monetary policy was followed at the same time.
That the President would actually make these appointments ahead of any peace agreement appeared as a reckless expenditure of political capital.
It would be about 10 percent of the GDP against the budget estimate of about 5 percent owing to the reckless expenditure and the mismanagement of the incumbent government.
That means they must be prepared to ban the 2012 European champions if they don''t drastically reduce their reckless expenditure. So congratulations from all of us in the North East, Roman - but perhaps we''ll be fighting you from an equal footing in the future.
It is almost irrelevant what caused the recession - the fact is that this reckless expenditure over a prolonged period has now resulted in a process of very painful readjustment.
Chris Keates, general secretary of NASUWT, the largest teachers' union in Wales and the UK, said: "Teachers across Wales will be stunned by yet another example of reckless expenditure by the GTCW.
Reckless expenditure at home (Germany) and a period of baroque religious enthusiasm, `the time of sifting,' during the 1740s led ...