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Do you reckon that boy Ambrosch has any real push in him?
Yes, I reckon yours is the cleanest house, because it's the newest, so you'll just step out and let us knock in one o' the gables, and clap it on to the saloon, and make ONE house of it, don't you see?
I believe I'm reckoned to bring in about the finest droves of niggers that is brought in,--at least, I've been told so; if I have once, I reckon I have a hundred times,--all in good case,--fat and likely, and I lose as few as any man in the business.
I is all broke down and en wore out now, en so I reckon it ain't in me to storm aroun' no mo', like I used to when I 'uz trompled on en 'bused.
He had his back to me, en 'uz talkin' to de man en givin' him some bills--nigger bills, I reckon, en I's de nigger.
If Doctor Robinson dies, I reckon hanging'll come of it.
Tom, I reckon you've got to pack up and go down to Arkansaw--your aunt Sally wants you.
I ain't partic'lar as a rule, and I don't take no blame for settling his hash, but I don't reckon him ornamental now, do you?
But, you know, this is what is surprising: why does it so happen that all these statisticians, sages and lovers of humanity, when they reckon up human advantages invariably leave out one?
Stranger," she said, 'I reckon you're sure the first white that ever set foot in this valley.
Some folks have that knack--I reckon you have it, too, Mistress Blythe.
I reckon you'd think so if you'd come all the way here as I did