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But Kearney reckons his Buddies will have to be at their best if they are to come away with a result this afternoon.
I reckon that period was the key to us eventually winning the game.
The firm is bringing in Reckon Loans, a new way for its customers to access funding to do so.
Matt reckons Stuart Lancaster's men will have to make do with a narrow 10-point win, with Delme plumping for an 11-point victory.
"I reckon we've not really been playing well, but we're quite high up the table, so there is a bit more gelling to do and I reckon we will be right up there.
And they reckon they can do it without jeopardising the support already available to low-income families.
I reckon the moistness in John's eyes was real as he said farewell.
If you have stamina, and I reckon Quwetwo has plenty, forcing tactics tend to work better over the longer trip and he will get picked up by specialist two milers in the Supreme Novices'.
1 : to believe that something is true or possible <I reckon we're lost.>
Schiff agrees, saying, According to popular definition, dead reckoning is short for 'deduced reckoning' or, as the old-timers used to say, 'you're dead if you don't reckon right.' In truth, however, the term originated with maritime navigation and refers to 'reckoning or reasoning (one's position) relative to something stationary or dead in the water.'" Who are we to argue with Barry Schiff?
Thirty nine per cent of respondents reckon they suffer the same level of pressure as two years ago with 40 per cent saying it was either more pressurised or considerably more pressurised.
judges reckon that it is not only one of the best small cars on the new car market, but is an utterly safe bet on the second-hand market too.