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The firm is bringing in Reckon Loans, a new way for its customers to access funding to do so.
Many fans will reckon we should have put a third category in here saying 'None of them'.
I reckon we've not really been playing well, but we're quite high up the table, so there is a bit more gelling to do and I reckon we will be right up there.
They reckon they can do it while keeping all their green commitments.
Byline: Matt Williams reckons Blazing Bailey is the each-way value against Punchestowns
2 : calculate 1 <They reckon the distance to be a mile.
Schiff agrees, saying, According to popular definition, dead reckoning is short for 'deduced reckoning' or, as the old-timers used to say, 'you're dead if you don't reckon right.
Thirty nine per cent of respondents reckon they suffer the same level of pressure as two years ago with 40 per cent saying it was either more pressurised or considerably more pressurised.
judges reckon that it is not only one of the best small cars on the new car market, but is an utterly safe bet on the second-hand market too.
They reckon he's lookin' forra big 'owse in Owton Manor.
Yet nowhere does O'Connor reckon with her vote on grounds of federalism to strike down the Violence Against Women Act, which gave women assaulted because of their gender the right to sue in federal court.