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RECLAIM. To demand again, to insist upon a right; as, when a defendant for a consideration received from the plaintiff, has covenanted to do an act, and fails to do it, the plaintiff may bring covenant for the breach, or assumpsit to reclaim the consideration. 1 Caines, 47.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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AHMRC does not know what your earnings for the tax year will be, therefore you will have been taxed at an emergency rate, however it is reclaimable. If you were advised you should have been told about all the risks in detail and how they could affect you before proceeding.
In reaction, BIR Commissioner Kim Jacinto-Henares denied she was deliberately withholding repayments, and suggested the business groups had greatly overestimated the amount of reclaimable VAT.
According to a cabinet statement released on Saturday evening, Mehleb has requested that a final vision of the million-acre reclamation project and a timeframe be presented, including maps of reclaimable lands and the financial sums required for implementation.
However, the frontier for reclaimable agricultural land in Myanmar has been disappearing and the expansion of agricultural land is becoming more technically difficult and expensive.
For small businesses, it's fully reclaimable against tax, there's no road tax, no congestion charge and no benefit in kind.
"Water-based UV technology is becoming a more popular choice because, in addition to the minimal use of cosolvents, these formulations have low odor and the cured coatings are recyclable and reclaimable, so there is less hazardous waste to dispose of than for solvent-based technologies," notes Chuck Gambino, an associate scientist with Bayer MaterialScience.
"They will now have to pay the 1% levy upfront and only be able to claim back their 50% after one year." "Secondly we are also concerned at the restrictiveness of the reclaimable expenses, where only NQA registered courses will be allowed.
It is thus reclaimable, to accommodate a space for lesbians outside of heteropatriarchal parameters--it is this subverting of the heteronormative home that is the function of Donoghue's novels.
I was happy to claim that allowance because I had expenses that were not reclaimable and I could give whatever was left to charity and local organisations.
I see a reclaimable resource ready to begin a new life as a gleaming hardwood floor," said Jay Petre, president of Renick Millworks.
A non-scaled job will reclaim the slack only if the amount of reclaimable slack is larger than the job size [19].