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capacity to properly manage reclaimable materials means that the
Some recyclers worry that if virgin resin prices keep going up and up, there may be some shrinkage in domestic plastics markets, which also hurts availability of reclaimable resins.
73) Therefore, to cover the costs of providing this assistance, DOD policy is that all assistance be provided on a reimbursable or "cost reclaimable basis in accordance with the Economy Act" (74) or any other "reimbursement mechanism.
In its preliminary report, Klenfeldt confirms that the quantity of reclaimable nylon on the site is a minimum of 15 million pounds.
But without the right stabilizer system, post-processed PP's heat history, oxidation, and degradation can prevent it from being fully reclaimable.
Each year the UK uses 600 million aerosols a year, which represent 30,000 tonnes of reclaimable high-grade metal.
Because so much of Aboriginal musical culture has been lost in particular areas, some Aborigines are keen to preserve and revere what remains, or is reclaimable or replicable.
32) The auxiliary institution gave the nuns a foothold in the poor law system; they wished to take the girls who they thought would be reclaimable and more amenable to religious discipline, and reward them with better food and "individualization.
Electrical wire and cable remains an important source of reclaimable copper and aluminum scrap, and competition for the clean metal that can be found inside remains fierce.
Income, reduced to 4% per annum if taken monthly or quarterly, is paid net of basic rate tax which is not reclaimable by non-taxpayers.
By choosing the DIY route they can save on stamp duty, currently one per cent of the plot price, and on VAT, which is reclaimable.
Still, his reaction on a panel with me today might well be the same as it was years ago, and the difference was as important then as it is now: are Judaism and Jewishness reclaimable through a rough justice with the Palestinians?