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RECLAIM. To demand again, to insist upon a right; as, when a defendant for a consideration received from the plaintiff, has covenanted to do an act, and fails to do it, the plaintiff may bring covenant for the breach, or assumpsit to reclaim the consideration. 1 Caines, 47.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The stacker reclaimer will become a landmark in Kamsar, as it works over the decades ahead as a crucial part of our production system transforming bauxite into value for Guinea and for EGA."
Vermeer manufacturers a large reclaimer and mixing systems for high volumes of big drilling rigs.
This reclaimer clearly identified how the production of knowledge by the reclaimers was crucial in establishing Marie Louise as a site for the production of value and that the failure of the state to recognize the reclaimers' role as epistemic agents was central to their grievances.
Stainless steel shot is collected at the base of the blast cabinet and pneumatically conveyed up to a cyclone media reclaimer that separates dust and fines before feeding reusable shot to the system's 3.5 cubic foot capacity pressure vessel.
Yellow and white dress with vintage frill, pounds 50 Code: jm210509fashion-2 Little black dress with buttons, pounds 38, by Sticking With You Code: jm210509fashion-1 Custom-made newspaper skirt, by The Fabric Reclaimer; and, front cover, Denim shrug and cuffs, pounds 50; denim mini dress, pounds 50, Trashed Couture Codes: jm210509fashion-15 and jm210509fashion-12, front cover
A reclaimer based in the Southeast echoes his view.
It designed, manufactured and integrated 82 m extensions on the stacker and reclaimer conveyors which will handle up to 10,500 t/hour.
asphalt pavements to the point that a reclaimer needs major horsepower to penetrate the material.
After qualification, at least four random tests per year are required from each facility of the reclaimer. Also, a random test will occur at each 250,000-pound production interval of reclaimed refrigerant.
reclaimer separates coarse aggregates on a vibrating screen before processing the fines through the washing screw.
The DIDION[R] Rotary Slag Separator/Metal Reclaimer is a patented design that reclaims valuable metals from slag oxides through a system that crushes, cleans, separates, and screens in one highly efficient machine.
Rising costs of mud disposal and the limited availability of disposal sites are driving some HDD contractors to reuse their drilling fluid, which requires a reclaimer.