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RECLAIM. To demand again, to insist upon a right; as, when a defendant for a consideration received from the plaintiff, has covenanted to do an act, and fails to do it, the plaintiff may bring covenant for the breach, or assumpsit to reclaim the consideration. 1 Caines, 47.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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When Ms Twahir was asked why the NMK was reclaiming the land instead of constructing a wall, she said: "I am not in charge of the project.
Mr Al Basri said that there were a lot of examples of the government reclaiming sea plots, without taking into consideration the vision's plan or the council's opinion.
The extent of reclaiming such as gel content, sol content, inherent viscosity of sol rubber, crosslink density, molecular weight between crosslink bonds, and Mooney viscosity of reclaim rubber are shown in Table 1.
Systems for reclaiming post-industrial materials such as PET, HDPE and PVC bottles, carpet scrap, cable chop, tires, and auto scrap.
Innovative magnetic separators offer the possibility and convenience of reclaiming more from scrap (resulting in more selling opportunities) while also lowering landfill costs.
By reclaiming sand, foundries retain the quality level of their sand system without the added expense of 100% new sand, Some new sand always must be added to reclaimed molding sand--the reclaiming process is, after all, a reducing process.
There is division among the courts about whether a reclaiming cash seller must send a written reclamation demand within the same limited time period for reclamation applicable to a reclaiming credit seller as a condition for obtaining relief on its reclamation claim, or whether the reclaiming cash seller is not subject to any such limitations.
* Reclaiming the land for forest would actually reduce the money mining companies now spend, because their greatest costs come from surface grading (forestland requires less grading than does hayland/pasture);
Creating wetlands or revegetating tailings are other popular methods of reclaiming tailings.
"Reclaim Regret" includes stories of real people who faced and overcame debilitating regret; prayer moments in each chapter connect scripture, stories, and personal reflection; a concrete process of reclaiming regret for a stronger relationship with God; and practical meditations to guide the spiritual healing journey.
Synopsis: "The Autism Parents' Guide To Reclaiming Your Life: How To Build The Best Life While Successfully Raising A Child With Autism" autism expert Deanna Picon offers information and support designed specifically for the mothers and fathers of children with autism.
Written by biology instructor Kenneth Poppe, Reclaiming Science From Darwinism: A Clear Understanding of Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design is a scientifically-minded deconstruction of flaws and weaknesses in the Darwinian theory of evolution.