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The product is easily and safely reclinable, offering added comfort for babies.
If rear seat comfort is a high priority - and for those who are accustomed to being driven by a chauffeur it will be - there's also the chance to avail of a two-seat layout which consists of two reclinable rear seats that can be heated, have a massage function and an airline style centre console.
Saudi Arabia is designated as a high growth market by UK Trade and Investment, and we believe that this new, highly competitive service to Jeddah will therefore become an important additional business and leisure link for the UK."The Airbus A330 aircraft is part of a major fleet investment for flynas and is set up in a two-cabin configuration, which includes a new 12-seat Business Class Cabin fitted out with a reclinable flat-bed.
Business Class passengers will be able to enjoy a seat pitch of 60 inches and a reclinable full flat-bed, in addition to a hot meal service and unlimited hot and cold drinks.
Business class passengers will be able to enjoy an incredibly comfortable inflight experience with a seat pitch of 60 inches and a reclinable full flat-bed, in addition to a hot meal service and unlimited hot and cold drinks.
"There is no good place to break your neck, but if you have to, this community is the best place to do it," Oaks said last Sunday afternoon, sitting in a wood-floored room spacious enough for his reclinable wheelchair, a large-screen combination computer monitor and television, a hospital-type bed and bookcases.
El sujeto observado se sentaba en una silla reclinable confortable; se le pedia que restringiera, durante 20 minutos, sus movimientos, especialmente los de la mano donde se colocaba el electrodo.
To add to the gag the reclinable seats also have in-flight entertainment controls on the arm, seatbelts, tray tables with "All safety instructions are present".
The Platinum Suites are the business class of cinema-going -- 140-degree reclinable plush leather seats, blankets, a luxurious waiting lounge and at-seat food and drink service.
En el caso del espacio comunicativo postmoderno en el cual estamos rodando (un "no lugar", segun Auge, 1993), la comunicacion se reduce a un area pequena: la butaca reclinable donde dormita el selfde cada pasajero.
Por ello, algunas poseen respaldo reclinable, cinturones de seguridad, cinchas, accesorios para separar las piernas en abduccion, reposabrazos, bandeja moldeada, reposacabezas, portamuletas, mochilas ...
A century ago, it was common to observe near the zenith with large refractors by lying on a special observing chair with an adjustable (and reclinable) back.