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A flight from Miami to Paris wound up on the ground in Boston after a Frenchman took offense at being reclined upon.
Dr Spelman said that a reclined seat can negatively impact upon a person's overall flight experience, especially if the person in front is being particularly inconsiderate.
Measures (W) 64 x (H) 113 x (D) 178cm reclined and folds down to just (W) 64 x (H) 93 x (D) 16cm for easy storage.
Shortly after the United Airlines Boeing 767 took off, a fistfight took place as a passenger's seat reclined too far into the personal space of a fellow passenger, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.
He had to hold it half on and off his table because of the reclined seat in front.
The FSA Pressure Mapping System recorded peak pressure readings at these combined tilt-in-space and reclined positions after subjects settled and the readings became stabilized.
Sitting in a reclined position with the head and neck supported provides kyphotic residents with a social link to their surroundings.
In Business class, the seat backrest can be reclined 45 degrees into an easier position to lie back and rest.
Each participant reclined in a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner while looking at a computer screen and was asked either to identify images of familiar faces or to tell whether or not facial images displayed emotion.
If a seat back is reclined, a three-point restraint becomes much less effective, if not useless, because the shoulder harness moves away from the passenger.
He also began to experience bitemporal and nuchal headaches, which resolved when he removed his eyeglasses or reclined.