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Massage can be used on specific areas of the body to help her relax into the reclining position.
A transfer can be performed in either a sitting or reclining position.
Picture an active, energetic two-year-old with only one arm confined to a reclining position for 42 days
A statue of San Xavier, to the left of the mission's main altar, is shown in his customary reclining position, to remind worshiper of the saint's incorruptible body.
On a recumbent bike, the rider is seated in a reclining position.
The pine is now a "phoenix", continuing to live and grow but from a reclining position.
AEROPLANES Do not intrude on to your fellow passengers' territory: keep elbows firmly tucked in; ease your chair gently into a reclining position, which will avoid a sudden invasion of the limited legroom of the passenger behind.