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Other states, branded rogue states by many Western analysts, replicate the autocracy and hostility of reclusive states vis-a-vis the West but differ in also having aggressive external ambitions.
"How can Annie Brown, a reclusive young woman in the suburbs of Bradford, help and what secrets does she hold?
Miss Jones' family told the inquest that about four months before her death she became reclusive.
Her emphasis, however, is firmly on the feminine nuances of anchorholds and reclusive religious practices.
Believed to be painted by 19th century English artist Sir Edwin Landseer, it will be included in a two-day fine art and antiques sale later this month at JP Humbert Auctioneers in Northamptonshire, and follows the auction house's sale of a portrait of Emily Bronte for pounds 4,600 and another of the reclusive writer for pounds 23,836 in December.
Summary: Correspondence from JD Salinger donated to a university sheds new light on the "reclusive" American author.
Mitchell (Farrell), recently released from prison, is hired to work as a minder for reclusive movie star Charlotte (Knightley).
An added problem is Farrell's job as minder to a reclusive actress - Keira Knightley with an utterly vapid performance.
The attack, with South Korea returning fire came as the reclusive state has been pressing regional powers to return to negotiations about its nuclear weapons program, and it follows revelations at the weekend that Pyongyang is fast developing another source of material to make atomic bombs.
Blue Reef's Lindsay Holloway said: "No one is sure how many there are living in the Channel as they are normally very shy and reclusive fish who spend the majority of their lives inside their burrows."
Reclusive, exasperating, obese and fabulously rich, Miss Paget was a lesbian and heavy gambler who won a record seven Cheltenham Gold Cups, five of them with Golden Miller (1932-36), who also took the Grand National in 1934.