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In the early 1990s, Scarbrough discovered, via Burton Watson's 1962 translation, the poems of the eighth-century Chinese poet Han-shan, noted for his reclusiveness and eccentricity.
In an environment marked by a great many challenges, the Organization is called upon today, more than ever before, to respond favorably to the aspirations of Muslim peoples for further solidarity and human and sustainable development, to support programs and projects designed to combat the illiteracy, ignorance and reclusiveness affecting large segments of our societies, and to seek to strengthen cooperation between Member States in the areas of science, technology and information.
Because of his perceived reclusiveness, some may be surprised that Professor Driscoll was a mentor.
Klein's literary achievement has sometimes been overshadowed by his reclusiveness and withdrawal from the literary world.
When Malick returned to action 20 years after "Days of Heaven" (1978) with "The Thin Red Line," his reputation had gone beyond cult to legend, doubtlessly due in no small measure to a reclusiveness that would make J.
He said: "I never felt that feeling of reclusiveness that I normally feel and we were able to go out and sample some of the local wares - and it's a beautiful place.
Perhaps this desire for innovation, amongst other possibilities, separates him from other children his own age besides his cousin Consuelo: "The boy's reclusiveness disturbed my uncle.
She remains silent, though visibly pregnant, and isolates herself behind the family's historic reclusiveness.
A journalist recently wrote of Alan's "natural reticence which, in recent years, has verged on reclusiveness.
The narrator exposes that the Turners' failure at farming and their poverty and reclusiveness have made them disliked in the district.
Morocco has had the wisdom and foresight to resist the delusions of reclusiveness as well as the tragic temptation of the cultural and religious divide.
She was renowned for her reclusiveness and retired from films at the height of her career.