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This pasty-faced nonentity once registered zero in a public survey on the recognisability of Cabinet Ministers.
These two objectives - greater recognisability and expansion of coverage - are of course to some extent linked.
Apple Inc has made its name in providing consumer electronics and demonstrating brand strength and recognisability among a variety of computer products.
The particular advertising approach will help recognisability and create a positive and attractive image for Cyprus," Orountiotis said.
Drivers were asked to rate their experience of driving the TX4 on driver position, driver comfort, driver features, power/torque, manoeuvrability, passenger accessibility and recognisability.
The proof of this is the fact that the two thieves looked like they were suffering far more than Jesus due to their recognisability as human beings in appearance, gesture and reactions.
If we assume for the sake of argument that the necessary qualifications for this unofficial honour are recognisability, bankability, career achievement and the capacity to bewitch and beguile then I say David Beckham will fail on all counts.
While many LTI purpose-built taxis are seeing service in their traditional role in that part of the world, their instant recognisability and icon status mean they are becoming increasingly popular as privately-owned vehicles.
common, and they usually draw on the recognisability of well known classics, the archetypes of cultural heritage.
Mr Blight said: "Export continues to be a growing market for our vehicles, based on their instant recognisability and outstanding durability.
The Labour group has proposed that all five regional lists be drawn up solely from the constituency candidates, with the First Minister reported to be arguing that public recognisability of already elected AMs will help increase votes.