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The better part of my companion's character, if it have a better part, is that which usually comes uppermost in my regard, and forms the type whereby I recognise the man.
with black letter, must recognise in the Clerk of Copmanhurst,
Good-day," he answered; "is it possible that you do not recognise me?
The shepherd and shepherdess became great friends, but they did not recognise each other in the least.
One day, as I was in the Alcana of Toledo, a boy came up to sell some pamphlets and old papers to a silk mercer, and, as I am fond of reading even the very scraps of paper in the streets, led by this natural bent of mine I took up one of the pamphlets the boy had for sale, and saw that it was in characters which I recognised as Arabic, and as I was unable to read them though I could recognise them, I looked about to see if there were any Spanish-speaking Morisco at hand to read them for me; nor was there any great difficulty in finding such an interpreter, for even had I sought one for an older and better language I should have found him.
Presently her eye wandered to the other, and she was surprised to recognise in him a certain Mr.
Yet, I did not recognise in him a fellow-countryman.