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I felt it almost as a destiny to make Salem my home; so that the mould of features and cast of character which had all along been familiar here -- ever, as one representative of the race lay down in the grave, another assuming, as it were, his sentry-march along the main street -- might still in my little day be seen and recognised in the old town.
Ferko at once recognised the wolf whose broken leg he had healed, and told him what he had to do the following day if he wished to escape with his life.
Amongst the dishes which were brought to us, I recognised several fish delicately dressed; but of some, although excellent, I could give no opinion, neither could I tell to what kingdom they belonged, whether animal or vegetable.
To his utter amazement, he recognised Passepartout, despite his theatrical disguise.
I am not quite sure whether he recognised me, I imagine not; I judge from certain signs.
His great convex pince-nez - I saw it, I recognised the kind - is for his poor ruined sight.
He glanced at the envelope and recognised his uncle's handwriting.
They met face to face in a moment, but Francis never recognised him.
which Henry recognised as the voice of the manager of the hotel) became audible next, directing the housekeeper to show the ladies and gentlemen the vacant apartments at the other end of the corridor.
But as soon as he came near to Androcles he recognised his friend, and fawned upon him, and licked his hands like a friendly dog.
He was an all-round splendid type of seaman; his mates recognised his worth, and respected him and liked him.
8: The same writer says that Helicaon was wounded in the night- battle, but was recognised by Odysseus and by him conducted alive out of the fight.