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During 2005 Stinson's research division produced two major reports on Alzheimer's and long term care costs that helped make Genworth--and Stinson--into recognizable names.
In addition, although the town Haruf describes is from the northern part of the state, the town and rural countryside are completely recognizable to my students.
He pops in a CD with one hand, points a camera out the window with the other, and records himself singing over himself singing over some beloved borrowing from the pop archive in an infinite sonic regress in which the original tune is scarcely recognizable.
Signed With Their Honor is an impressive introduction to the contemporary poetry of Lester LaFreniere who draws upon poetic history, literary commentary, and even music appreciation, and whose verse is laced with pop-culture icons and easily recognizable familial bonds.
Linking himself to another champion of reading, Oprah Winfrey, he noted, "Two of the most recognizable advocates for literature in this country are a black woman and a black man.
In contrast, nine young adults who were uninhibited as infants didn't show this difference in amygdala responses to novel and recognizable faces, the scientists report in the June 20 Science.
The major players (Agilera, Appshop, Corio, Crestone, Surebridge, USinternetworking, and many others) are not yet recognizable enough to show up on the Sunday crossword puzzle, but the applications they provide (Oracle, Lawson, J.
It is therefore reassuring to know that it is done with the utmost efficiency by well-trained people in recognizable uniforms, that the battle against the bugs is being well fought.
Instead history, sociology and psychology rubbed shoulders with halakhic (legal) analyses, personal narratives, new rituals, and a very few articles recognizable as theology.
As pop psychology would say, we own our nellyness, and Peter Paige on Queer as Folk or the brilliant Alec Mapa on Some of My Best Friends or those lovers in The Birdcage are not recognizable stereotypes but recognizable people, as valid as anyone else who is willing to say, "I am what I am.
Ranging from the 1978 From Before to this newest work, the performances offered a sustained and joyous demonstration of a choreographic consistency that has built into a recognizable style without ever precluding invention.
Within the transparent barricade she was the nearest recognizable savior.