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As regards dental colleges, there are three recognized dental colleges in public sector in Punjab while in the number of recognized dental colleges in private sector is ten.
is internationally recognized in polarimetry research and optical correlation technology.
In FIN 48, a tax position is recognized in financial statement reporting when it is more likely than not based on its technical merits, and that the position would be sustained upon examination.
However, A would also have a $30 realized loss that would not be recognized until, for example, X redeemed all of B's shares (final inclusion date) or B sold part or all of the shares to an unrelated third party at a gain (accelerated loss inclusion date).
Teacher Tracy Wilcox added: ``Parents of special-needs children are thrilled to have their child recognized because the child is really working to improve.
The remaining balance, if any, would be recognized in the income statement.
Additionally, Statement 123(R) clarifies that awards that provide for immediate vesting (or continuing vesting) of unvested awards when an employee retires must be recognized from the grant date to the date where an employee is retirement-eligible.
The issue is not whether an asset should be recognized, but rather whether a liability exists for uncertain tax positions as already governed by FAS 5.
Eighth District: Nancy Callaway, recognized for her continuing efforts in behalf of the Kansas DAS and the Johnson County Dental Assistants.
There are legally recognized ways to tell the difference between good friends and domestic partners, however.
In fact, no gain is recognized in a distribution of property and cash to a partner, even in a liquidation of interest, unless the cash distributed exceeds the partnership basis.

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