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Turkistan Islamic Party or Turkistan Islamic Movement - banned and recognized terrorist organization since August 20, 2003;
As regards dental colleges, there are three recognized dental colleges in public sector in Punjab while in the number of recognized dental colleges in private sector is ten.
Munitions Directorate at Eglin AFB, Fla., is internationally recognized in polarimetry research and optical correlation technology.
In FIN 48, a tax position is recognized in financial statement reporting when it is more likely than not based on its technical merits, and that the position would be sustained upon examination.
However, A would also have a $30 realized loss that would not be recognized until, for example, X redeemed all of B's shares (final inclusion date) or B sold part or all of the shares to an unrelated third party at a gain (accelerated loss inclusion date).
She has given unstintingly of her time to further the ADAA and TDAA in terms of membership growth and was recognized for her contributions in Texas with the Joan Keisel Achievement Award.
The remaining balance, if any, would be recognized in the income statement.
The weight given personal privacy also was recognized in Ybarra v.
In 2004, the AKC recognized three new dog breeds, including a Neapolitan mastiff (see photo, p.
Fremlin is recognized for his leadership and community-mindedness within the Sault.
15, 1994), companies need to determine the available pool of excess tax benefits available for offset for any award exercises where the amount of the tax deduction is less than the compensation cost recognized for financial reporting purposes;
The proposed Interpretation was issued on July 14, 2005, to clarify when the tax benefits of uncertain tax positions should be recognized in the financial statements of an issuer.

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