recognized by the law

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54 percent of a half-sample of Americans say marriages should be recognized by the law as valid with the same rights as heterosexual marriages.
54 percent of participants in the nationwide poll said gay and lesbian couples' marriages should be recognized by the law, up from 53 percent in September 2011, 51 in April 2011, and 44 in 2009 and 2008.
They also critized the exclusion of influential parties in the revolution, including the council for the protection of the revolution, parties and associations that are not recognized by the law, young people who staged sit in la Kasbah Government Square and delegates of inland regions.
The firm is duly registered at the Quebec Bar and member of the Canadian Bar Association is also recognized by the Law Society of Hong Kong as a Registered Foreign Law Firm, where its Regional Headquarters is also based, overseeing operations across Europe, Asia Pacific, South East Asia & the Middle East.

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