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The recognition accuracy of each digit using English and Spanish recognizers is shown in Fig.
The methodology of two recognizers combining, selection of the classifier and description of features, used for two recognizers combining was presented in [5].
Li, "Protractor: a fast and accurate gesture recognizer," in Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp.
Earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Nuance Communications announced that its Dragon Drive--an embedded-cloud speech recognizer with NLU--had launched in BMW's 2016 7 Series.
The start/stopRecognizeDevice method accepts as input parameters the dev_id, that is, the device identifier and the name of the stream to be recognized; the saveRecognizer method allows saving a Recognizer instance into a binary format.
A recognizer that heavily relies on these features in training data may be not perform well in the recognition tasks of the unlabelled test data.
Gesture vocabularies often contain highly correlated gestures which reduce the accuracy of most recognizers. Furthermore, the choice of assistive temporal segmentation cues is challenging and their usage may not be the right approach in the systems that need a string input such as word search or recognition.
And now we have an answer: Because failing to be a mutual recognizer blocks one from the ability to have a certain, valuable form of friendship.
The super recognizers were responsible for nearly 30 percent of the identifications, including one officer who identified almost 300 people.
Scientists are now putting super recognizers' skills to the test to get a handle on how face-processing areas of the brain work to make a few people so adept at recalling faces.
Table 2 shows the recognition and correction rates after correcting the misrecognitions obtained using three recognizers through applying four algorithms, LM and iLM.
"You can draw that enemy tank platoon on the map and our coded recognizers will compare it to a library of military symbols and replace your ink sketch with the appropriate symbol," said Lind.