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Studies of super recognizers may also reveal ways to help others improve their face recognition abilities.
For this evaluation, systems were provided with much larger amounts of training and test data and with word transcripts generated by an automatic speech recognizer.
Unlike all other natural language technology, Unisys NL Speech Assistant keeps developers' applications from becoming obsolete by providing open tools to design and develop across multiple platforms and speech recognizers.
Through NL Speech Assistant, developers have a standard tool to create spoken language applications across platforms and speech recognizers, protecting their applications from obsolescence.
More importantly, SpeechPearl is one of the only recognizers that can switch languages "on-the-fly".
Speech recognizers are generally able to report the degree of confidence -- that is, the likelihood of having correctly recognized the word or phrase - and may provide the most likely alternatives when the recognizer is uncertain as to which of them the user actually said.
The highly accurate technology supplied by VCS has proven to be the best choice for the automotive environment where a robust recognizer is especially important.
ART has worked to optimize its speech and handwriting recognizers for use with Symbian OS.
Other speech recognizers require tuning for optimum performance, but email search does not allow for formal grammar tuning.
0," July 16, 2001), but can also be used with other recognizers on a variety of platforms.
For the Solutions Challenge, V2Commerce developed smart tag recognizers for Outrigger, which work with Office XP to assign actions to incoming data, like forwarding the submission to co-workers and launching Web pages.