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The current trend toward commissioning comprehensive environmental assessments as a part of due diligence should result in a better basis for recognizing environmental obligations assumed in business combinations.
If Harry elects to be taxed on the partnership interest in the year of receipt, he will defer recognizing an additional $300,000 of compensation income resulting from appreciation of the partnership property prior to the time the risk of forfeiture lapses.
Recognizing these two principles, law enforcement officers who are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution must understand and discern the limitations imposed on their authority to respect the rights guaranteed to people.
Senior leaders, recognizing the difference between immediately important resources and support and those that will be needed in the future, plan accordingly.
The artificial two-step process of first determining the validity of a project under the probable standard and then recognizing the value of only the items that satisfy the standard will lead to consistent overstatement of liabilities in years when the project expenditures are incurred.
* Community Paper Recycling Awards, recognizing communities that have successfully implemented paper recovery and recycling programs, were awarded to:
Kearney, II, signed a proclamation recognizing Contract Management Week.
Although our results highlight the challenge of recognizing SARS among hospitalized patients, the occurrence of seasonal respiratory infections such as influenza may further compound the difficulty in identifying a SARS case.
This has not prevented the Supreme Court from recognizing these rights.
Not recognizing these cultural differences can result in communications that just aren't relevant to the audience.
The legislature also passed a law recognizing domestic partners and their children as eligible for the World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship, which will pay for four years of college at a state institution or the equivalent funding applied to a private institution, and another law that emends workers' compensation benefits of up to $400 per week--or up to $20,800 per year for life--to same-sex surviving partners.
Consequently, they add, a few brain areas--in particular, a small patch of right-brain tissue just behind the ear--specialize in perceiving and recognizing faces.