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In a further sweep, they hit the jackpot when they discovered the 82mm recoilless rifle and ammunition that had been used against the British base in southern Afghanistan.
The randomness of the government fighter's fire was underlined on Friday at a battery made up of odds and ends of improvised rocket systems, a recoilless rifle, anti-aircraft guns and an armoured carrier parked on a rise a few hundred metres from the pocket's southern edge.
Artillery: This category includes field and air defense artillery, mortars, rocket launchers and recoilless rifles--100 mm and over; FROG launchers--100mm and over.
But within a few weeks, Gaddafi's soldiers switched tactics, abandoning their vulnerable heavy weaponry in favor of civilian trucks armed with machine guns or recoilless rifles, which proved difficult to identify and destroy from the air.
Besides destroying terrorists sanctuaries a huge cache of arms and ammunition was also recovered which include two 75mm Recoilless Rifles five 12.
There is a smattering of recoilless anti-tank guns.
Tactical as well as strategic applications of nuclear power are considered, such as the Davy Crockett recoilless rifle, designed to give battalion commanders a nuclear battlefield punch.
The cache included three anti-tank recoilless rifles, mortars, machine guns, rifles and pistols, and thousands of rounds of ammunition Eoe1/4" enough to arm two battalions or about 1,000 soldiers.
The patrol boat's task was to move Army infantry from one hot spot to the next, and the enemy took every opportunity to sink these boats with a dizzying combination of sniper fire, underwater mines, automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenades and recoilless rifle rounds.
Justice Minister Tarek El Aissami said the suspects were apprehended in a raid on a house in western Zulia state, where authorities found a recoilless anti-tank weapon and four grenades.
A UN official said the attackers used sophisticated weaponry not yet seen in Darfur, including recoilless rifles - light-weight weapons which can fire heavier projectiles than normal light arms.
His diverse patent portfolio includes a recoilless harpoon gun and an electric fishing reel.