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In a further sweep, they hit the jackpot when they discovered the 82mm recoilless rifle and ammunition that had been used against the British base in southern Afghanistan.
There is a smattering of recoilless anti-tank guns.
One day during battle, a battalion operations officer visited Belachew, who was commanding a 75-mm recoilless rifle team, to discuss division orders to muster an ambush patrol.
Nearby was a rectangular mess tent surrounded by an earthen berm that had been hit by enemy recoilless rifle rounds the day after Thanksgiving.
The patrol boat's task was to move Army infantry from one hot spot to the next, and the enemy took every opportunity to sink these boats with a dizzying combination of sniper fire, underwater mines, automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenades and recoilless rifle rounds.
Justice Minister Tarek El Aissami said the suspects were apprehended in a raid on a house in western Zulia state, where authorities found a recoilless anti-tank weapon and four grenades.
A UN official said the attackers used sophisticated weaponry not yet seen in Darfur, including recoilless rifles - light-weight weapons which can fire heavier projectiles than normal light arms.
One story of the Battle of Ap Tau O in 1966 recounts how an M 132 destroyed a Vietcong 57-millimeter recoilless rifle team with a 3-second flame burst.
His diverse patent portfolio includes a recoilless harpoon gun and an electric fishing reel.
Ironically, while the mortar attack hadn't demobilized the medical evacuation vehicle, an enemy recoilless rifle round disabled the transmission.
His reporting led to multiple combat operations that detained a prolific Tawhid Wa Al Jihad financier; identified and neutralized a Sunni insurgent training camp, and seized six substantial weapon caches containing more that 500,000 small arms rounds, 50 mortar rounds, an 82 mm recoilless rifle, grenades, and artillery rounds.
The haul included a bomb factory in a truck, mortar systems, rocket-propelled grenades, launchers, recoilless rifles and parts of surface-to-air weapons.