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But perhaps she would recoil from a plot to take the life of Sikes, and that was one of the chief ends to be attained.
Barbicane returned to his lodging; but instead of snatching a few hours of repose, he passed the night in endeavoring to discover a means of evading the recoil of the projectile, and resolving the difficult problem proposed by Michel Ardan during the discussion at the meeting.
The harder the revolver recoils, the greater the stress on the bullet crimp as it attempts to keep the cartridge from elongating.
I accept it isn't perfect; it can be hard on rifle stocks and scope mounts because the rifle no longer recoils freely.
308, which, while weighing only 7-1/4 pounds, recoils less than any .
By the time the gun fully recoils against the shooter's shoulder the shot has cleared the barrel and, aided by the spring, the bolt begins to move rearward, rotating the bolt head out of' engagement, ejecting the fired hull and picking up a fresh round from the magazine--all in milliseconds.
The breechface of this pistol is integral with the frame and the barrel recoils forward against a recoil spring and guide rod in the frame.
Aside from bullet weight, gun weight, stock shape and other considerations, the faster the recoil, the sharper it feels to you a punch compared to a shove from a cartridge that recoils with less velocity.
Ordinarily, when an atom emits a gamma ray, it recoils.
It may be a personal thing but I find a locked-breech 9mm Luger with standard pressure loads recoils about the same as a blowback .
When a rifle is fired it recoils away from its points of support.
The objective is to have the pistol follow a smooth and predictable pattern as it recoils and cycles.