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But for the example that comes closest to recollection of Ideas, recollecting Simmias on seeing a picture of Simmias, to recognize this as a picture of Simmias is to be aware of the relevant link between the picture and Simmias, namely that this is a picture of Simmias.
I shall argue later, following Scott,(6) that recollection of Ideas is a lengthy process of reacquiring knowledge, so that even to think of an Idea is not all there is to recollecting it, nor is to think about an Idea to complete the process of recollecting it.
It is clear that the example of recollecting Simmias on seeing a picture of Simmias comes closest to the recollection of the Equal and other Ideas.
While others might examine the relations between the existence of Ideas, Socrates' account of learning and the recollection-thesis, only those who, like Simmias, accept that there are Ideas and have made some progress towards gaining knowledge of them, are in a position to conclude that they themselves have been recollecting.
This reason, which decides the case in favour of their regaining and, for the reasons already examined, recollecting their lost knowledge, also determines that none of them, except perhaps Socrates, has succeeded in completely recollecting any Idea.
In that case the judgements that equal objects appear equal and unequal, while the Equal itself never appears unequal, would capture all that would be involved in the use of perception in recollecting the Equal itself.
The group that clenched their right fist when memorizing the list and then clenched the left when recollecting the words performed better than all the other hand clenching groups.
It seems to me that the president unequivocally denied recollecting being alone with Monica Lewinsky.
And Cox, slow moving, hard of hearing, but sharp in recollecting the lesson of Watergate, paid as much attention to the present moment as to the old scandal.