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Recollecting the Arundel Circle argues that colonialist exploration and collecting classical art were not disparate interests, but in fact occupied the same imaginative space in Arundel's mind.
This point goes to the heart of Stone's hermeneutical method of recollecting these extra-legal strata of the halakhic life.
Learning that involves the use of perception, and the changed understanding of the soul that comes from awareness of oneself as recollecting are aspects of the separation of soul from body.
Some of the stories are narrated by an upper-middle-class intellectual recollecting his past sexual relationships and friendships in Manhattan and in insular, suburban Hecate county.
Recollecting Pope's old self, Meisner said that the Pope was much fitter and stronger earlier and it shocks him to see how much the Pope has thinned down.
Ms Miller, from Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, began to create bronze sculptures in the 1970s, recollecting her childhood in the village.
frankly, garrulously, and at ease; speaking, of what it gives me joy to remember, at any length I like--sometimes very carefully of what I think it may be useful for others to know; and passing in total silence things which I have no pleasure in reviewing, and which the reader would find no help in the account of." Praeterita is a consciously obliging narrative--Ruskin's friends and relatives hoped that in recollecting happier days he might avert the spells of insanity that increasingly overtook him--but the polemicist could not utterly suppress his appetite for confrontation and controversy.
According to an interpretation that has dominated the literature, which the author refers to as the traditional interpretation, the recollection argument aims at establishing the thesis that our learning in this life consists in recollecting knowledge the soul acquired before being born into a body, or thesis R, by using the thesis that there exist forms, thesis F, as a premise.
The difficulties of interpreting meaning pose dilemmas not only for those recollecting the past, but also among characters sharing the same narrative present.
There were 4 groups who clenched their hands; One group clenched their right fist for about 90 seconds immediately prior to memorizing the list and then did the same immediately prior to recollecting the words.