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Immediately recommence the groundwater sampling and monitoring program.
Newcrest submitted final ground support plans for the PCI crusher chamber and extraction level, which were accepted by regulators, who amended a Prohibition Notice, allowing operations to recommence as areas are upgraded.
Minotaur Exploration Ltd (ASX:MEP), a mineral exploration company with a focus on Australia, has announced it is to recommence its Border Joint Venture Project with its partner Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceana Pty Ltd (Sumitomo).
Hopes that flights in and out of the UK could recommence soon have been dashed when it was decided that the flights ban would stay in place until at least 1am on Tuesday.
However, if the manufacturer recommences production in October, the combined sales for the third and fourth quarter will not be impacted, TopoTarget said.
We are very pleased that we have received the required mining permits, which allow us to recommence mining operations at our Pond Creek mine at Slater's Branch.
It is not definite yet that production will recommence,but this is a step in the right direction.
No doubt the Environment Agency will grant Amersham permission to recommence these discharges in one form or another.
The approval of the Trial Production Licences will enable the Company to recommence oil production as soon as is practical.
Regular scheduled services will recommence on 16 February.
Kazakhstans Ministry of Investment and Development has made a decision to recommence flights to Turkish cities of Antalya and Istanbul.