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Sainsbury's chairman Sir Philip Hampton described the new proposal from Delta Two as comprehensive and said any subsequent offer would be recommendable to shareholders.
Recommendable dishes: Bouillabaisse, mussels, burratta appetizer, sand dabs, roast chicken (off-menu) or steak frites, filet or New York steaks (both off-menu), beef bourguignon, duck leg confit, specials such as Arctic char or Hawaiian moonfish.
Opera Omaha's March production was not without other recommendable features, including the intensely characterized Cio-Cio-San of soprano Lori Phillips, a supportive Suzuki (mezzo-soprano Elena Bocharova) and Sharpless (baritone Gary Simpson), the economical direction of Leslie Swackhamer and the conducting of former artistic director Hal France.
What saves the story and makes it recommendable is the painfully accurate portrait of the title character's agonizing end to adolescence.
00) provides a guide to over 1,500 plants recommendable for their exceptional foliage, providing small color photos along with summaries of their climate zones, cultivation, and use.
An M&S source said: 'M&S feel very strongly that as a competitor he (Green) gets access to detailed information only if he puts forward a price that is recommendable and they don't believe it's recommendable.
Overall, the book provides some interesting information to the non-scientist interested in the topic, and although it gives very little in-depth data, its low price makes it recommendable.
It is altogether a highly recommendable monument to skill and labour.
CONCLUSION: A highly recommendable read for all aviation professionals, even if you don't go in the air.
This may not be an essential purchase for those libraries that own the Hilliards' performance already, but for those looking to acquire their first recording of this work, this one is a recommendable alternative.