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Processing of Cerro Felix ore may be through the currently operating flotation only circuit or the existing CIL circuit, the recommissioning of which is currently being evaluated.
The analysis conducted to estimate recommissioning energy savings for each customer within a utility customer base requires (1) utility billing data for each customer over an extended period of time, (2) weather data (hourly) over the same period of time, (3) building data for each building in the customer database, and (4) typical weather data.
Last week, IP said the second unit at Rugeley suffered a trip during recommissioning.
The idea of recommissioning buildings seems like a good one, unless the building was poorly designed in the first place.
Cytec's capital investment in the expansion, projected at approximately $150 million, is in addition to a modernization and recommissioning effort completed last year at the company's existing carbon fiber manufacturing site in Greenville, which increased Cytec's annual carbon fiber production capacity by 33 percent and added 60 new jobs.
June 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --The Ramsey County Library in Roseville, Minn, is saving more than $10,000 annually in utility charges as a result of completing a recommissioning of its facility.
Kirloskar Alternator, AVR, control panel & Overhauling Recommissioning of L& T make 3200 Amp Main Air Circuit Breakers, feeder Breakers of Power House main panel.
The service was followed by the covenant service and recommissioning of the pastoral leaders.
All the cars would need a bit of gentle recommissioning, but this is far from rummage-sale money, suggesting that the last generation Rovers were much more sinned against than sinning.
Other benefits of SmartPlug include no flaring of gas or displacement of pipeline contents; production continues during pipeline repairs; no emissions of gas of hydrocarbon vapors; no danger of accidentally flooding offshore pipelines during construction; no hole or future leak path is left at the isolation location; no time or money spent on decommissioning (bleeding down) and recommissioning (refilling and depressurizing); no need to dispose of hydrates, chemical and contaminated water; and ability to isolate short sections of pipeline anywhere in the system.
A statement from the channel said: ``Five can confirm that it will not be recommissioning the Terry and Gaby Show.
The statement, handed to Ministry of Defence officials, read: 'CND and the NuclearFree Coalition are here to protest in the strongest pos-sible terms against the recommissioning of the Vanguard fleet of Trident submarines.