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Notably, changes in spirituality and changes in spiritual strivings were correlated, but neither of these variables was significantly correlated with self-reported commitment or recommitment to God at Time 2.
Special US envoy Richard Holbrooke, also attending the conference, earlier predicted it would be the launch point for the international recommitment to the effort in Afghanistan and western Pakistan.
The speakers called for a recommitment to the future.
They describe their approach to narrative-based research, then report their findings on immigrant and refugee youth, the affects of gender and sexuality, francophone disengagement in Canadian schools, rural youth and school cultures, aboriginal disengagement and recommitment, and the perceptions of parents and educators.
It's a profound recommitment to academic excellence and faculty development.
It was, for most of us at the Pentagon, a day of both remembrance and recommitment.
Still, DI is an "effect" of the original decree as much as the encouraging words of recommitment to ecumenism in Pope John Paul II's encyclical Ut unum sint (1995).
NLC was the first group to recommit to holding its national conference in New Orleans; NLC stated its recommitment to the conference, scheduled for November 13-17, 2007, six weeks after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city.
The strength of a recommitment to Roman Catholic theology as Christ-centered is essential if we are to build a solid Catholic world comparable to what the Latter-day Saints have and continue to achieve.
Mr Niklas said: "This marks a recommitment to the Kwik Save brand and its already strong local presence.
This marks the second acquisition by WBI since it announced its re-launch and a significant recommitment of capital from The Wicks Group of Companies earlier this year.
Second, this recommitment to composite force training would allow us to eke out every ounce of capability left in these legacy platforms.