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Al Jassim said that much of Favaretto's work alludes to the casualties of modern life, often referring to the body and the natural environment through mechanical and industrial forms that change and degrade: "A platoon of compressed air tanks randomly empties itself, blowing silent party favours in a weak salute; fans constantly recompose a landscape of confetti.
50 THEY SAY: Light and fluid, it fuses with the skin to boost radiance and moisturise, using prisma light 360 pigments to recompose pure and immaculate light, delivering freshness, making imperfections seem to disappear.
People just kept hanging around and comparing notes--they got to kind of recompose the piece together afterwards.
I]t is the viewer who must recompose [the elements of the painting] in his or her retina .
We are exercising our new powers under the Lisbon Treaty to recompose the house and to initiate a reform of the electoral processes.
Covering the basics and such new Photoshop Element 8's tools as Photomerge Exposure and Recompose, he notes that while the previous version for the Mac included Bridge, this one includes a full version of Bridge CS4 and the unrestricted version of Adobe Camera Raw.
Our art project covers different types of our musical heritage as we are trying to recompose the musical pieces with a feminine sense, and we are looking forward for a better future," said Dima .
The technology entails taking hundreds of pictures of tiny portions of the artwork and then combining them to recompose the whole image.
The OGAM decided to recompose the Board of Directors to include a majority of its board members as non-executive and independent board members.
But Burnley were put on the back foot when Jensen went down and then had to hobble off, to be replaced by Peruvian keeper Diego Penny, with boss Owen Coyle saying: "It was a bizarre equaliser and we had to recompose ourselves when we lost Brian.
The Society also will recompose its national board of directors to ensure that various constituent groups are represented.