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Mozammil Shinwari agreed in the RDC conference, saying, "some fight for economic reasons, as they do not have jobs or prospects outside the insurgency." When it is said that there are some "reconcilable Taliban" who will be looped in, it is hoped the reference is towards those whose non-ideological motivations are stronger enough to be co-opted.
Reconcilable Differences Connecting in a Disconnected World By Dawna Markova PhD and Angie McArthur SPIEGEL & GRAU
Regardless, the three neighbouring nations are doing the right thing as their differences are reconcilable and efforts to rebuild dialogue and cooperation will be beneficial not only for Syria but to the world peace and security.
Forum Energy Technologies, an international oilfields products company, has 104 disparate general ledgers and 4,200 reconcilable accounts to manage with each close.
In fact, he was considered reconcilable and someone who actually wanted a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan.
Reconcilable Differences: A History of Canada-US Relations, by Stephen Azzi.
DemirtaE-'s crisis-oriented discourse is not reconcilable with the settlement and does not raise confidence for the Kurds in ystanbul.
These two requirements are absolutely reconcilable, and they could both frame and seal a final agreement when one is reached next year, one hopes.
Their efforts at arguing the Church of England's Thirty-nine Articles to be reconcilable with Roman Catholic doctrine led to the emergence of a new understanding of catholicity.
OVT 47 >> Create a task force to identify common ground and reconcilable differences with respect to same-gender marriage.
However their conditions for participation still appear far from reconcilable. Rebels and the political opposition insist Assad can play no role in a transitional authority, while the government has ruled out conceding power to its opponents.
Such god-like powers, however, are not reconcilable with a naturalistic understanding of the world; their moral implications, therefore, should be thrown out with them.