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Thus by a judicious exercise of tact and asperity we re-established the atmospheric equilibrium of the room long before I left them a little before midnight, now tenderly reconciled, to walk down to the harbour and hail the Tremolino by the usual soft whistle from the edge of the quay.
Not so; these apparent discrepancies are easily reconciled.
But do you think that my Father will ever be reconciled to this imprudent connection?
Cousin," said she, "something is going to happen which I do not like at all; and though you have often persuaded me into being reconciled to things that I disliked at first, you will not be able to do it now.
As he grew cool, however, he gave over all idea of preferring such a claim, and reconciled himself, as well as he could, to the idea of having been forestalled by his bargaining coadjutors.
It appears, by the balance of commodities and discommodities of usury, two things are to be reconciled.
Yet there was so much sadness and so much gentleness spread over all this, that she began to become reconciled to it.
He is as far as ever, I fear, from being reconciled to his separation from that unhappy woman.
So the Delegation was cast into the deepest dungeon beneath the moat, where it maintained a divided mind for many weeks, but finally reconciled its differences and asked to be taken before the New President.
My wife is reconciled to our departure; and Lady Janet accompanies us as far as Plymouth--these are the results.
This supposition so well reconciled his conduct to the general opinion, that it met with universal assent; and the outcry against his lenity soon began to take another turn, and was changed into an invective against his cruelty to the poor girl.
You don't know what she endured, sir," said honest Dobbin with a tremor in his voice, "and I hope and trust you will be reconciled to her.