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Also, your bank should recommended processes such as daily reconcilement and dual signatures/electronic approvals.
We hope that their mutual ecclesiastical efforts will contribute to overcoming the tragic consequences of military operations and the swift reconcilement of the peoples.
Then, "acknowledg[ment of] the hand of God in [his] doom" followed by "remorse, repentance; the wish for reconcilement to [his] Maker" (380) prepares him for love.
chairman of the banking committee and its securities subcommittee, respectively, had written to Cox on November 14 opposing the next day's action on the basis that "the elimination of the reconcilement requirement is premature and being unduly rushed.
Coleridge defined imagination as the balance or reconcilement of opposite or discordant qualities.
23) It presumes a blend of literacies--scriptural, liturgical, "classical," scientific--that we may consider Radcliffe's primary reconcilement of reason and revelation.
But Ronan ruled out any reconcilement, especially with his former manager and X Factor judge Louis Walsh.
I]n my terms of honour I stand aloof; and will no reconcilement till by some elder masters, of known honour, I have a voice and precedent of peace to keep my name ungored.
This punishment, which can also be seen as an artistic predicament, is accepted with a Keplerian reconcilement.
The cause and effect: awareness and imaginable reconcilement to globalization.
Coupled with automated account reconcilement, it allows a business customer to monitor and detect unusual or unauthorized payments.
Some initiatives are already implemented; others are planned for 2003-2004, and they will have an impact on corporate accounting systems, account reconcilement and audit processes and other basic record-keeping functions.