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With Keano business as usual and a polite, softly spoken reconcilement to his fate.
But he that forgives and seeks reconcilement shall be rewarded by God.
One of Treasury's primary strategic objectives is to improve current methods for reporting and reconcilement, which are costly and cumbersome; they involve a great deal of paper, prevent the BPD from reconciling debt accounts quickly, and delay the verification to the Reserve Banks that the data submitted are accurate.
Provide electronic processing of monthly information to complete monthly reconcilement.
The following table summarizes reported results and notable items impacting earnings per share during the periods discussed above (in addition, see Appendix A for reconcilement of non-GAAP measures):
We are thinking about a National Reconcilement project such as the Moroccan and the South African experiences," he explained, "in which everyone lets go of the past and we have a new beginning for the country.
If desired, your payables system can be fed a daily paid check file to facilitate reconcilement or to clear the credit balances that are sitting on your books.
Processing with X9 Express Direct has resulted in significant productivity improvement of our image exchange item and file management, balancing and reconcilement processes.
Electronic reconcilement -- Here, you receive a reconcilement report through a data transmission from the bank.
DTCC's Contract Reconciliation provides reconcilement for syndicated loans at all levels, from commitment and facility level down to individual contracts with all relevant transaction detail.
Some of the most common data managed through the use of AODBs includes flight data for Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), baggage reconcilement data for Baggage Information Display Systems (BIDS), and gate assignment data for Gate Information Displays (GIDS).
The new service greatly enhances and expands reconcilement capabilities for the global syndicated loan market.