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The BUDG committee chair is nevertheless assuming the role of a reconciler ("we are not going to swagger"), declaring that the EP "understands member states' situation" and that it is ready to "take steps towards the Council's position".
Piercey leads the reader through a splendid analysis of Ricoeur the synthesizer and reconciler, in this case of Kant and Hegel.
All those who are concerned with building and particularly with the building of churches now have much to learn from this reconciler of the ancient and the modern, of science and of faith, from his flexibility and his sensitivity to precedent and context.
Writing in the daily internet publication American Thinker, New York City resident and writer Madeline Brooks stated: "Could it be that one of the frequently used tools of war, lying to the enemy, explains the contradiction between Rauf's image as reconciler of religions and his sympathies and associations with terrorists?
The United States government, undoubtedly unintentionally, and unknowingly, took on the burden of reconciler and mediator of irreconcilable forces when President Eisenhower forced the British, French, and Israeli governments to cease their invasion of Egypt and to withdraw their forces in the fall of 1956.
While it's important that the reconciler understands that the account balance is correct, the reconciliation should provide appropriate explanations and evidence so someone else can arrive at the same conclusion--that the account balance is correct.
For a sense of what this means and how it differs from past incarnations of liberalism, think of President Obama's much-noted rhetorical practice of standing above specifically American interests and presenting himself almost as an impartial reconciler of the United States and its adversaries; and compare this to the nationalism that infused the rhetoric--and the actions--of his great liberal forebears.
For example, Sunita, a bank reconciler from Bangladesh, had taken a position at a local supermarket in a client service role; Jasmin, a primary school teacher from India, found a casual catering job in a local hospital; Rani, a primary school teacher from India, was working in a casual housekeeping job with a large hotel.
The Home Coming of Our Great Hero Jomo Kenyatta," and "Kenyatta Is Our Reconciler," are preceded by essays describing Muoria's life and political context, examining his ancestral history, and describing his family life while in exile in London (as remembered by his daughter).
Though phronesis can serve as a reconciler, connecting theoria to praxis, it cannot be eudaimonia, as it is not for its own sake but only functional, its function being to make this very connection.
Manon de Courten wrote a significant study of Solov'ev's social philosophy and view of history, and a substantial edited volume, Solov'ev as Reconciler and Polemicist, included a variety of articles reevaluating Solov'ev and proposing a "deconstruction and normalization" of Solov'ev's thought.
Limb does not overlook limitations of Mandela's presidency such as his acceptance of funding from the Indonesian dictator Suharto, lack of action on AIDS, or controversial adoption of neoliberal economics, but he focuses on Mandela as transformer and reconciler, not problems such as continued political intolerance, creeping centralization, corruption, soaring violent crime, or Mandela's much-criticized loyalty to old comrades, who were sometimes retained in office when they needed to go.