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While parents and their school-age children may provide a temporary spike in the number of reconcilers, participation among the Catholic population at large is much more uneven.
Jesus called all who follow him to be peacemakers and reconcilers, even if our paid job isn't to seek healing justice in the midst of a death penalty trial, to negotiate between warring factions, or to mediate a business dispute.
If the churches are to be effective as healers and reconcilers, in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit, then we need to emphasize our accountability to one another for how we respond to the mission challenges of our particular settings.
David Sheppard was well aware that reconcilers and peacemakers often get shot at - and he believed he and Derek Worlock were ``shot by both sides'' during the days of all-out war between the Militantled city council and right-wing Tory government.
GAAP Reconcilers Intercept Earnings Book Value Earnings Capitalization Model Coefficient estimate 17.
The intentions of the reconcilers and the success of the reconciliations are vexed questions, as Michael J.
Special Islamic reconcilers settle disputes and blood feuds.
Melanesians are good fighters, but much better reconcilers," he wrote.
He asks them of the reconcilers, the teachers, as well as of the vengeful.
Participants are called as worshippers, penitents, disciples, intercessors, and reconcilers, `thus weaving ordinary life into the liturgical order'.
As a result, CFOs, controllers, reconcilers, reviewers and auditors benefit from more accurate, centralized, workflow-based processes that can be managed on a flexible and cost-effective BPaaS platform.
Most experts expect a largely apolitical line from Benedict, stressing a humanitarian role for Christians as reconcilers, peacemakers, and dispensers of charity across sectarian and ideological divides.