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The signing of a reconciliatory deal was repeatedly postponed in recent months due to lack of Palestinian consensus on major issues.
He expressed these views during his surprise visit to the City Reconciliatory Committee where he was briefed about different achievements in resolution of murder, attempt to murder, old enmity, property related cases.
He also reiterated that the reconciliatory document should be eventually
Secular Palestinian group Fatah is skeptical about the reconciliatory rhetoric of Islamist Palestinian group Hamas whose leader Khaled Meshaal was open Monday to ironing out differences with the mainstream movement, the pan-Arab daily AL HAYAT reported Monday.
Megawati paid official visits to North and South Korea in March during which she delivered a reconciliatory message from the South to the North and urged Pyongyang to resume dialogue with Seoul.
Khartoum 18-1 / 2014 (SUNA ) The leading Figure of the Arab Bthist Socialist Party , Fathi Nouri has said the call of the National Congress Party (NC) to the opposition to engage the in the government needs real political will to create suitable atmosphere to recognize the reality to work out integrated reconciliatory program that leads to a real democratic transition .
At this, Supreme Court rejected the request for bail of the murderer refusing to accept the reconciliatory agreement between the two parties.
Following his reconciliatory visit to Syria, Democratic Gathering leader Deputy Walid Jumblatt, held a press conference today to elaborate more about his meeting with Syrian president Bashar Assad.
A statement was released on Thursday, in which participants said the meeting came as part of reconciliatory efforts by Lebanese leaders.
troops need to remain in South Korea and Japan despite last week's reconciliatory accord between the leaders of the two Koreas, a U.
Colonel, Abdul Kareem said in press statement following the meeting that the meeting reviewed the security condition in the state and means for reaching reconciliatory agreements between the warring tribes in the state .
He berated evil elements for creating discord and internecine among Muslims, in their evil bid to exterminate Muslim community, vowing not to be reconciliatory to these evil forces.