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Fortunately celebrity guest Dr Phil Hammond, who was in dictionary corner with Susie Dent, saved the day with a nine-letter word: recondite.
Miliband's party and the Lib Dems are Euro maniacs, seeking to add without a referendum, this recondite system of lucrative government jobs, for the "snouts in the trough" lot, at the top of the political pile.
The politics of language renders even the most recondite of literary texts political.
Katrien Baerts was the extraordinary soprano in Birtwistle's Cantata, her declamation of these somewhat recondite ancient Greek texts brilliantly graded and articulated.
This poses another question for this fellow journalist to answer - how can you propose a democracy totally controlled by a local religious theocrat who claims to be the deputy of the deputy of a recondite, arcane imam?
Poems throughout demonstrate the author's wide familiarity with religious concepts far beyond monotheism's borders, and even recondite ideas ensnare the imagination beneath her able pen.
Specializing in recondite wireless optical communications, JOLT was acquired by MRV Communications in 2000.
It helps the reader grapple with difficult aspects and approaches that modern readers may find recondite such as Edwards's typological theory and exegesis.
Young and marketable, Carlsen is the antithesis of the traditional image of the reclusive and recondite chess genius," the newspaper said in a front - page report.
2-megapixel Recondite camera, send and receive email through WiFi or 3G, monitor the user's heart rate, browse the Internet, play music and video, provide GPS navigation, and much more; all independently without the presence of a smartphone.
His writings, and not merely the more substantial works, are stranded with deliberate allusions, codes, or recondite contexts which, when recovered, provide the re-assembly of meanings that are the raison d'etre ofhistorical criticism.
This is a monumental volume on a recondite and apparently narrow subject: the unique collection of twenty-six manuscript choir books dating from the late fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries belonging to the Carmelite convent in Krakow, all but one of which are still in their original home.