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If you are thinking of getting an iconic Aga range cooker to complement your kitchen, consider a reconditioned one as mine is now six years old and the love of my life - just don't tell the husband
The new technology has lowered water and electricity cost per IBC reconditioned and yet, has a never-before reconditioning capacity.
He added that the permission to import the reconditioned cars was given, as there are large numbers of people attached with this business.
Texas high school athletic directors, some who refused to be named for fear of upsetting their vendors, list a range of nerve-wracking experiences, including having a newly reconditioned helmet get rejected the following year - even though it sat unused on a shelf for the entire season.
On December 31, 2009, however, the City Council filed legislation to "promulgate standards and rules concerning the sanitization of mattresses that include requirements sufficient to eradicate bed bugs in reconditioned mattresses before their sale.
Once the package is opened, the seal leaves a permanent "void" mark, which cannot be removed, making it very difficult for gray market resellers to sell reconditioned media as new.
168(k)-1T(b)(3)(i) provides a safe harbor--if the used parts' costs do not exceed 20% of the property's total cost, the asset is not reconditioned or rebuilt.
On models that have been around for some time there is an option of buying a reconditioned engine which can cost upwards of pounds 2,500.
Monroe said new and reconditioned domestic railcars use 40-50% of steel castings made in the U.
EGOH has successfully reconditioned its first four wells and recently received clearance from the Texas Railroad Commission to commence pumping.
This specification section provides the performance, supply, and installation requirements for Two (2) Reconditioned Apron Drive Passenger Loading Bridges (hereafter referred to as PUB) for airline passenger use at the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC).
Composed of the joint venture Container Life Cycle Management LLC and affiliated partners in the United States and pack2pack in Europe, EarthMinded Life Cycle Services delivers a wide range of reconditioned and remanufactured industrial packaging and related services throughout Europe and North America.