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iRecon is the only reconditioning platform that considers all three parties involved in the reconditioning processa[euro]"dealers, their vendors and consumers.
The Logistics Committee's Best Practices Guideline for the reconditioning of bagged green and decaffeinated coffee beans, which are damaged in transit or within storage prior to delivery to buyer, was released in August.
MAUSER products include plastic packaging, fiber drums, steel drums, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and reconditioning services through the National Container Group (NCG), a MAUSER holding.
Bearing reconditioning typically begins with an initial, in-depth damage diagnosis of the bearings, in order to determine whether reconditioning is appropriate and economically viable.
"By reconditioning valve internals like balls, gates, stems, seat-rings and trunions as well as hydraulic pistons, rams, printing rolls, engine parts amongst others, companies can enjoy cost savings that could potentially reach 80 per cent as opposed to purchasing the parts brand new," he said.
This programme will ensure quality reconditioning and reduction in down time of commercial vehicles for reconditioning and will result in low cost-of-ownership and superior performance.
Many winemakers have found that by using barrel reconditioning (or shaving out the top layer of wood inside a barrel), they can lower barrel costs while still hitting their desired level of new oak flavor.
Bike fixing, DIY reconditioning sessions and the sale of reconditioned bikes will be on offer at the Bike Station in Edinburgh, as well as new franchises in Glasgow and Perth.
School districts would also be required to keep records of the age and reconditioning of helmets.
Analogue hearing aids are sent for reconditioning to HM Prison Leyburn, Wensleydale and are then sent on to Third World Countries.
PackCare, the wholly-owned WasteCare subsidiary specialising in the collection, reconditioning and recycling of commercial packaging, has expanded its service to food manufacturing and processing companies following the acquisition of E Pease & Son.
"There is a risk of abusive use of original boxes, in particular when they are thrown away after product reconditioning," stresses the Commission, which proposes sealing certain packaging so that that can only be opened by those authorised to market the goods and finals users (hospitals, health professionals, patients).