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used trucks through the industry's most comprehensive inspection and mechanical reconditioning process.
15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Based on its recent analysis of the industrial packaging reconditioning market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes NCG-Container Solutions SA (Pty) Ltd (NCG-Container Solutions) with the 2013 South Africa Frost & Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership.
By reconditioning valve internals like balls, gates, stems, seat-rings and trunions as well as hydraulic pistons, rams, printing rolls, engine parts amongst others, companies can enjoy cost savings that could potentially reach 80 per cent as opposed to purchasing the parts brand new," he said.
Eland now offers World Class reconditioning and recovery services.
Although it is estimated between 43,000 and 67,000 high school students nationally receive football-related concussions every year, opponents of the bill say the expense of record keeping and helmet reconditioning could be too high for some districts.
The combination of Pease's expertise in reconditioning containers and WasteCare's national collection fleet of more than 100 trucks based at 11 regional sites means we can offer a very attractive one-stop shop service to food industry companies.
Services include model making and mold reconditioning.
Pulp and paper mills from around the world return their worn screen parts to Norway for reconditioning.
It eliminates all the logistic baggage associated with reconditioning.
The company, which was bought by its workforce in 2002, specialises in the repair and reconditioning of machine tools.
Dealing with a reputable reconditioning shop will ensure you are not getting what is known in the business as a "five-gallon refurbishing.
Simply put, you don't know where this tape has been, and once the media becomes damaged, no amount of reconditioning will repair it to a reliable and "like-new" state.