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She also reconfirmed Canada's commitment to reaching global HIV targets.
We reconfirm that the Eastern Partnership remains an EU priority.
"During the consultations the bilateral relations between the two countries was reviewed and their excellent level was reconfirmed, as well as the cooperation in the context of international organisations between the Republic of Cyprus and the Russian Federation,"the ministry said.
He said the resignations will only be accepted when they reconfirmed.
Even with Pai reconfirmed and at the head of the FCC, the commission will remain shorthanded.
But, there is simply no way to reconfirm her now without creating an imbalanced or deadlocked commission."
According to several EU officials, requiring that EU leaders reconfirm the launch of accession talks at the end of the year will allow the Union to keep the pressure on both sides so they continue the progress towards the normalisation of their relations.
The most important word to remember when traveling with your celeb boss is RECONFIRM. I cannot stress enough how important it is to confirm and reconfirm every portion of a trip--the week before, the day before, and even the day of travel--to make sure that everyone involved knows where they are supposed to be, and when.
Reconfirm that your balance is zero, and then notify them that you are canceling the card.
"We reconfirm the strong stability of our alliance and pledge that (the Nato force in Afghanistan) has the forces, resources and flexibility needed to ensure the mission's continued success," the summit's final communique said.
To reconfirm his case, Caldwell pitched his case in Ottawa before senior bureaucrats on an invasive species committee last July.
A confidence score below 80 percent, for example, might cause the system to try to reconfirm the input.