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Hold Trip keeps the travelers informed of when they need to reconfirm and ticket their reservation.
We're delighted that Capell's reconfirms what we have always known, and have referred to as 'the power of wantedness,'" said Jim Dowden.
Company Reconfirms Outlook for Third Quarter Earnings Per Share
Lewis Rudin commented, "Sara Lee's lease commitment at 1675 Broadway not only reconfirms the strength and vibrance of the West Side, it also delivers an important message of confidence in New York city as a worldwide center of business.
Company Also Reconfirms Full-Year Guidance for Total Revenues and Adjusted Net Income
The decision by a leading cell phone company to use MP3 in its cell phones and take a license from SISVEL and Audio MPEG again illustrates the far-reaching success and importance of MP3 in the field of audio compression and reconfirms the industry's appreciation of the research and development behind MPEG audio technology covered by the patents we are licensing" said Gen.
Richard Michael, President of the Company stated, "We are pleased with the findings of the Wexco report which reconfirms the value of our company and as further reiterated by the March 15th Red Chip Companies recent research report on our company.
PINK SHEETS:VNUVY)(AEX:VNU), a leading global information and media company, reconfirms that, while the intended offer of Valcon Acquisition B.
The nomination reconfirms Haldex's position as a leading source for innovation in the area of All-Wheel Drive, backed with the Group's global manufacturing capability.