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The recommendations also include a proposal for step by step confirmation of SIMs including getting finger prints of the holders of the SIMs for reconfirmation to regularize the SIM connections.
As part of this CFC update reconfirmation that the Government will introduce the offshore financing company regime.
According to Mohammad Hawas Al Sadid, DPSC Director, if the test results are positive, samples are re-tested and then sent to the Abu Dhabi city branch for reconfirmation.
Christofias said Greek Cypriot side asked the reconfirmation of issues on which convergence was achieved, to whom properties belong and the points of categorization, according to Greek Cypriot radio station.
Though the president did not explicitly discuss South Korea's relations with Japan, his remarks amounted to a reconfirmation that the two countries should forge a future-oriented relationship, without forgetting history but instead using it as a mirror.
Bernanke, whose reconfirmation is due to be put to a vote by a Senate panel today, has been credited with taking extraordinary measures to prevent the US credit crisis from turning into an economic depression but he concedes that the Fed, among others, failed to spot the crisis before it struck.
The draft resolution refers to the reconfirmation of U.
1: Reservations To make reservations for a flight 2: Flight Status To obtain information about a flight 3: Reconfirmation To reconfirm a flight 4: Agent To select a seat on a flight with existing reservation 5: Seat Selection To speak to an agent 6: Other Any other utterance
Or maybe Nick is the ultimate romantic and views it as a reconfirmation of devotion.
The PES group leader also criticised those among the Socialist ranks in the Parliament who are pushing for reconfirmation of Barroso as Commission president.
At the meeting the two sides discussed on expansion of banking ties including making credit lines, monetary and banking interactions, automobile tariffs, and omission of reconfirmation of Iran`s LCs by tertiary banks.
6 million passengers stayed back even after reconfirmation of their bookings," said Khaled Al-Mulhim, the airline's director general.